Welcome to Hartland Insurance Group

About Us

Hartland Insurance Group is an independent, family-owned insurance company in Auburn Hills. We’ve been proudly serving our clients for over 60 years.

At Hartland Insurance Group, we know there is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” insurance. Everyone is unique and has different insurance needs. Being an independent insurance company in Auburn Hills means we don’t work for just one provider. We work for you. Whether serving an individual, a business, or a professional association, we work hard to discover each client’s requirements, find the best options, and provide insurance that matches their specifications.

We offer a complete portfolio of value-added, competitively priced insurance products for residents in Auburn Hills; including insurance for medical, home, cars, commercial liability, property, and worker’s compensation. We have built a reputation for providing the resources, services and policies which enable all our customers to reach their own goals.